I’m Christi owner of Homestead Interiors. My love for art and interior design started when I was a little girl turning refrigerator boxes into painted mansions and rearranging my room. “Designing Women” became one of my favorite tv shows as a kid of the late 80's! 

I graduated with a degree in Interior Design from Stephen F. Austin State University.  I have over ten years of experience working in architectural firms, designing commercial and residential interiors, and my favorite- as a kitchen & bath designer for a custom cabinet manufacturer who worked on the 2003 HGTV dream home in Tyler, TX! And YES it was amazing! Kitchens, bathrooms and paint are my specialties!

I’ve been married to Kevin for twenty years and we have two fantastic boys ages 15 and 12 whom I homeschool which is {mostly} awesome. It’s helped me become an expert researcher and google guru! I’m familiar with all project budgets, and rock at designing spaces with little kids, big kids, tired husbands and muddy pets in mind.

I understand the need for you to have a functional yet beautiful space!

Decorating decisions don't have to be stressful.

I know about décor paralysis and what to do about it.

I've lived in 13 homes from new construction to 1950’s fixer uppers with a free-standing dishwasher. Lord have mercy! I've earned my remodeling stripes. I assure you I've got time-tested design solutions to fix your design dilemma.

I've been avoiding onions since shoulder pads and leg warmers and when I'm not taming my curly hair, homeschooling my boys or playing with my oh-so-spoiled Shih Tzu, I like to work in my flower beds or read. 

Hire me. Together we will create the kitchen, bath or selected the perfect paint for the room you have been dreaming about!

Check out my blog.

My blog's goal is not only to write about making kitchen and bathrooms beautiful and comfortable but also show you the "why’s” behind the design-rather than just say "look what I can do". My goal is to inspire..{crack a joke or two} and educate!

  • Have you wondered why one back-splash tile looks great in the showroom but looks terrible in your north facing kitchen?

  • Have you stared blankly at the contractor when he asks you “what type of wood do you want in your kitchen” only to stammer “umm smooth?”

  • Ever stood agonizing in the paint store asking yourself "why oh why are there so many grays? How do I choose just one?"

I'm here for you!

My years of combined education and hands on experience will guarantee no more sleepless nights before the contractor knocks on your door. You can depend on me to deliver affordable decorating ideas that transform your space-not "money grows on trees" advice.

I’ve designed hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms not to mention built-ins, laundry rooms, and mud rooms. You name the room and I’ve probably designed one. Ok, except maybe one of those high tech safe rooms…but hey it’s never too late (plus my boys would think that was very cool).

Many people today YouTube DIY projects (to watch videos made by people still learning). I’ve done it! They are great if I’m fixing my leaky faucet or starting my container garden. I’m always learning, and hope to continue….but when it comes to certain things it’s better if I don’t rely on non-professionals for specialized advice based on my unique individual home. I contact a professional. Your kitchen, bath, or other interior space needs that too. It’s a guaranteed way to get the look and feel you’ve been dreaming of!

My blog is here not only to guide you as you make your decorating decisions but help prevent design disasters before they start! Solid design solutions and fabulous real life examples including my home, my client's projects, and phenomenal interiors worldwide that stand the test of time can be found here on the Homestead Interiors Blog

Timeless over trendy is my mantra. Trends come and go but timeless, classic & collected interior design is never out dated.  I post about once a week, depending on how busy life gets. Count on only incredible content, no pointless filler posts.

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“It all starts at home”

“It all starts at home”


Simple solutions. Beautiful spaces. Timeless affordable design.